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Corporate loans and BIK are a very popular issue among people running their own businesses. Starting a company cost them a lot of money, which they probably did not have in the saved cash, which is why they decided to take a company loan. From now on they have a commitment that they must pay regularly. In the event of non-payment, they must reckon with negative entries in the history of BIK and problems with any subsequent loan. Even when it comes to credit for a natural person.

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People like to take the best payday loans near me online through website. They often have no other choice, especially when they need financial support with large expenses, e.g. for the development of a company, apartment or car. There are many entrepreneurs who pay back a company loan and at the same time would like to take another type of loan. Therefore, the question arises whether a loan is possible for companies with BIK?

Information on company loans taken out as an entrepreneur for a company is recorded in BIK in the same way as loans for natural persons, but in a different database. It is called BIK Entrepreneur.

This may confuse many, who think that if they apply for a loan as a natural person, only information from the Individual Customer database will be taken into account. In fact, banks are also increasingly using the information contained in the Entrepreneur database and can globally assess the applicant’s credit standing. Only using both databases allows you to accurately estimate credit risk.

Pros and cons

An entrepreneur who repays a company loan is afraid that if he wants to take out a consumer or mortgage loan, he will have lower creditworthiness. Especially if he had problems with repayment of the company loan so far and there are negative entries in BIK related to this debt. Unfortunately, indeed his fears in this situation are justified. Banks are reluctant to grant further loans to persons who already have indebtedness and a negative BIK history. However, overall credit assessment has its advantages.

If the loan taken out for the company is regularly repaid and there are no negative indications of problems and debts, it turns out that the borrower has a much better chance of obtaining a second loan. His creditworthiness increases, for the bank he is a much more reliable person than one who has no credit and at which it is difficult to assess whether a loan will be repaid or not. In this situation, having a business loan can help you achieve a consumer loan as an individual.

Good BIK first

A person who took out a loan as a company and another loan as a natural person appears in two BIK databases – in the Entrepreneur database and in the Individual customer database. Considering this fact, we can easily understand why banks need access to information from both databases to estimate the borrower’s creditworthiness as accurately as possible. If all liabilities are taken care of and there are no debts, you don’t have to worry about that.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is worth asking the Credit Information Bureau for a report on your own credit history before taking another loan, including all liabilities from both bases.

Thanks to this, we will be able to determine the probability of receiving another loan and, in case of problems, think about what we can do to eliminate it. If it turns out that we are in debt, it is worth paying off the outstanding liabilities quickly and striving to clear negative entries in BIK before the bank sees them.